Our business model is not to manufacture to stock. And that is the main reason why you do not find any “Buy Now”-buttons on this site. Every lamp is made to order – still following EU standards and legislation regarding high voltage products, and still each lamp is made to our own standards, meaning that replacement parts will always fit an older product – you could call it standardisation.

ANGLED Lamps offer two base models, the AIRSHIP and GLOBE, and made from either birch veneer or acrylic sheets – all in 3 mm thickness. This means that the lamps can be made in combinations of the two base materials. Nevertheless the base models are kept in single material configurations, to keep parts stock down to an absolute minimum.

As shipping the lamps is a tricky thing to do, considering the sometimes hard handling on the way from factory to buyer, we simply just take requests concerning freight rates and lead times, as such vary a lot in a minor business as ANGLED Lamps, and depending on where to ship and how. Therefor, if you have any interest in one of the items, feel free either writing or calling to hear more. Although not having any direct web order system set up, ordering is quite low key: You make your request, and I get back with prices for both product and freight. If you live close to us, picking up lamps is easy as well, as we both live and work in the same building. And payment solutions are set up, so no need to worry about that part.