The company.

ANGLED designs and manufactures pendant lamps from sheet material, such as birch veneer and acrylic. As a sidekick we also from time to time make one-offs of either our official assortment, or of various items at hand combined into new light objects.

ANGLED is an affiliate of Dahl-Klingenberg AB, which also houses interior design brand Anna-Carin Dahl Design, and industrial design consultancy AKID.


The lamps.

AIRSHIP is a pendant lamp, with a design rooted in vintage work lamps and factory lighting, made from sheet material, and with an overall calm, logical and understated expression. At the same time no connecting details, no joining parts, have been hid – they stand out, poking your curiosity. Hang it above your computer work space, your dining table, or where you need efficient work light.

AIRSHIP is also a design which has been developed over years of testing, adding and reducing, adjusting and taking out unnecessary details. Gradually it has taken its final form.

The standard version is the model ICE 600 with a total length of 815 millimetres, weighing only around 1.300 grams, making it suitable for mounting in just about all roofs imaginable.

BALL clearly has its name from its overall shape, but even has resemblances to vintage ball room interiors. In transparent smoke coloured acrylic, you see endless mirroring of each part used. Choosing veneer gives you a much more calm design, still full of grace.

An important part of the overall designs, has been combining each part as separate items. Why? So that they are easy to take apart if one day the owner wants to scrap a lamp – or if the owner wants to upgrade a lamp with eg. new side panels, then even that is an option. No mechanical fasteners, glue, screws, nuts or any likewise is used.

The AIRSHIP is even from birth prepared for changing its configuration from carrying one LED tube to holding two of these. You simply just add two extra sockets, an extra tube, and a few centimetres of electrical cord, and you have the double light output.

Finally it is important to point out that all components used in our lamps are all CE approved, as well as all mounting is done in the appropriate way. No matter which solution, we always make our products according to EU standards and legislation for items including the use of high voltage. Never compromise on that part, folks!