Your pendant lamp for every work situation imaginable.

The AIRSHIP is a linear pendant work lamp.

Here shown in the version ICE 600, made from 3 mm LED acrylic sheet, it gives a concentrated light for the below surface, but even illuminates the surroundings with bright light.

Especially suitable for work spaces for computer desks, shop counters and likewise.

The translucency of the ICE version makes the underlying construction stand out discretely underneath the outer shell parts.

With a resemblance from vintage factory lighting, every detail on the AIRSHIP models are visible, each detail having a clear functional purpose, and every joining part has its own logic.

One could say that the AIRSHIP has its construction turned inside out, with its joining wedges mounted on the outside, the same way old tables were held together.

All parts and cuts have a clear purpose. The holes for the tube light sockets are cut logically alongside, so that the standard version holds one tube light, but if wanted two sets of sockets can be fitted, and a double configuration of the light source can be added.

Another flexibility is found in the option for combining cabinet parts in different materials, eg. having an inner made of acrylic, and side panel parts made from birch veneer.

The modular design opens up for a variety of versions. Shown here it is the AIRSHIP made from clear acrylic sheets with an engraved rhomboid pattern on the outer side panels.

Other versions are the BIRCH, made from birch veneer, and the SMOKE, made from transparent brown acrylic. And combinations of these.

Standard versions are the 600 and the 1200. Specials can also be made to order, both 900 and 1500 – each of these numbers referring to the length of the LED tube lights used – again meaning that the overall lengths are somewhat longer, eg for the 600 the total measure is 815 mm.

The modular construction also makes it possible to more tube lights lengthwise, eg for use over long tables, desks and so on. Here the maximum length of the construction is defined by the maximum measures of the sheet material used. Please call or write for more information about this.

This is our BALL SMOKE pendant lamp.

Again, this is a lamp designed for disassembly, and where the eyes can wander around discovering each adjoining part.

All parts used for this model, are simply slided into each other, and no mechanical fasteners or glue of any kind is used.

BALL is fitted with a E27 LED light source, and in this transparent version the light source is reflected endlessly in several directions.

The design can be used for almost any 3 mm sheet material, both acrylic and veneer, as well as in mixed configurations..

Here you see the BALL BIRCH.

The standard version has a diameter of app 350 millimetres, but can be made in other sizes, up to about 580 mm in diameter.

If you are interested in knowing more about the lamps, prizes, delivery, lead time, or likewise, then feel free writing or calling.